Beginners of piano course

Kindermusik is a course designed to bring about motor skills in a child and to enhance social, emotional and early language skills. This is a stage where the child inherits both sound, images, action, motion and other abilities that improves their imagination, vocabulary, listening, audio tones and more. This course allows the student to a higher sense of awareness of his surroundings and the ability to recognize sounds of nature, music and to start recognizing tones.

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A Grand Winter Concert of 2013

December 11, 2013December 11, 2013
This was truly a concert many of the students who had been studying and learning lessons on the piano have rendered pieces and performed like never before. This concentration and caliber of playing is attributed to none other than the parents who have diligently brought their children to classes regularly. A good amount of thanks go to these parents. The students have excelled in what they do by performing eloquently at this Winter Concert of 2013 hosted by Talent World Music Academy. Talent World Winter Music Concert 2013