Policies of Music Competition

Talent World Music Competition – June 2014  – Synopsis

  • All students around the world of Grades 6 to 12 can participat.
  • Auditions will be held in April 2014 and May 2014 (location will be announced).
  • All students will register for this Annual Music Competition and parents will be responsible for all rules and policies to adhere to.
  • All instruments are allowed for performance and no vocal pieces are considered at this time
  • Only individuals will perform on their instrument and groups will sign up individually as well.
  • No more than 2 pieces can be played at one sitting and no longer than 15 minutes as an allocated time slot.
  • Prizes are categorized for each grade; only 1st, 2nd and 3rd cash prizes are distributed (pooled funds)
  • Participants will receive honorary recognitions with a plaque of certificate cash prizes are allocated to their individual bank accounts.
  • Venue for the competition – location to be announced.
  • Cash prizes will be distributed to winners to their account or towards college or as a scholarship fund. Cash prizes are pooled from a collection from Donors.
  • The winner cannot perform consecutively after the 1st­­­­­ performance where he/she was a winner. They will be barred to perform at the competition in the second year unless they did not win in the first competition they entered. But they can preside at no expense or as a designate patron of the competition. May also be able to play a piece if time permits.
  • Deadline for registration is April 30th. 2014. There will be no exceptions for late registrations.
  • Tickets for this event will be sold via stubhub or ticketmaster and on our site.
  • Corporate grants and sponsoring of candidates can be allowed to participate with a contribution of no less than $25,000 for an individual from any State or City but within the age group.
  • Pieces cannot be longer than 6 minutes and can be extended at the request of the judge prior to the performance for grades 6-9 only.
  •  No more than 2 pieces will be played at the competition for grades 10-12. Time cannot exceed more than 9 minutes in all.
  • All instruments are allowed at this time rendering classical pieces of music.
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A Grand Winter Concert of 2013

December 11, 2013December 11, 2013
This was truly a concert many of the students who had been studying and learning lessons on the piano have rendered pieces and performed like never before. This concentration and caliber of playing is attributed to none other than the parents who have diligently brought their children to classes regularly. A good amount of thanks go to these parents. The students have excelled in what they do by performing eloquently at this Winter Concert of 2013 hosted by Talent World Music Academy. Talent World Winter Music Concert 2013